Media, Education, and Ethics: Shaping the Future of Energy Conversations

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In the latest episode of the Energ' Ethic podcast, Marine Cornelis welcomes Areti Ntaradimou, a prominent journalist and expert in the European energy sector, to discuss the pivotal roles of media and education in shaping ethical energy conversations. Areti shares her unique insights on the intersection of ethics, trust, and innovation, emphasizing the importance of diverse voices and perspectives in driving a successful energy transition. Discover how trust and sustainability practices are integral to Enlit Europe’s mission and learn about the exciting projects and events that are paving the way for a greener future.
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Welcome to a new episode of the Energ’ Ethic podcast, where we delve into the vital role of media and education in fostering ethical energy conversations and driving the transition towards a sustainable future.

In today’s episode, your host Marine Cornelis engages with Areti Ntaradimou, a seasoned journalist and expert in the European energy sector. Areti shares her unique perspective on how ethics, trust, and innovation intersect in the energy field, emphasizing the importance of incorporating ethical thinking into energy practices.

Areti brings over two decades of journalism experience and a strong academic background in philosophy and applied ethics. She explains how these elements are crucial in addressing future energy challenges: “If we don’t solve our energy issues, then we will have huge problems in the future, not only for us but for future generations.”

The conversation underscores the critical role of diversity in the energy sector. Marine and Areti discuss how bringing various backgrounds and perspectives into energy discussions leads to more comprehensive and effective solutions. “It’s not only about the technical side…we also need people who understand the intricacies and what it implies for the people,” Marine notes, highlighting the necessity of a multifaceted approach.

Trust is another central theme of this episode. Areti sheds light on how fostering trust among stakeholders is essential for a successful energy transition. She shares insights from her work at Enlit Europe’s EU Project Zone, which creates forums for diverse voices to discuss and collaborate on energy solutions. “We give a forum to everybody to discuss the energy transition…to ensure diverse voices are heard and respected,” Areti emphasizes.

The episode also highlights the efforts to promote gender balance in the energy sector. Areti reflects on the progress made and shares her pride in seeing more women involved in energy discussions. “Last year in our advisory committee meeting, the impact circle, my table was all women and one man. I was so proud of it,” she recounts.

Areti provides a glimpse into the innovative projects supported by the EU Project Zone, showcasing how it facilitates crucial conversations and collaborations. She describes the growth of this initiative from a small start to a major platform with over 80 projects, illustrating the increasing recognition of ethical and sustainable practices in the energy sector.

Sustainability practices at Enlit events, such as the decision to eliminate carpets to reduce environmental impact, are also discussed. Although this choice faced some backlash, it underscores Enlit’s commitment to sustainability. “We wanted to care about sustainability, about energy footprint. It was a hard decision, but necessary,” Areti explains.

Looking ahead, Areti shares her excitement for the upcoming European Sustainable Energy Week and the next Enlit Europe event in Milan. These events promise to showcase groundbreaking conversations and projects, furthering the mission of a fair and sustainable energy transition.

Join us in this engaging episode as we explore the intersection of media, education, and ethics in the energy sector. Tune in to gain insights into the critical role of trust, diversity, and innovation in shaping the future of energy conversations.

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