Next Energy Consumer provides support and policy analysis services and advises organisations to set up strategies to put the citizens back to the centre of the (energy) markets, understand the needs and improve their relationships with their users, in particular, the most in need.

We help you span boundaries across the various stakeholders and create sustainableinclusive and resilient policies and programmes.

We believe in energy justice and in collective intelligence to build trust and confidence.


Next Energy Consumer works with public and private entities such as European institutions, think tanks, ombudsmen, regulators, cities and regions, private companies and industry representatives, NGOs and (consumer) associations, universities and research centres.

We now advise clients in various European countries, in Africa and in Mexico.

Next Energy Consumer was founded by Marine Cornelis, a French-born European citizen, now based in Turin, Italy. Marine is one of the first ambassadors of the European Climate Pact.


Marine Cornelis, Next Energy Consumer’s executive director and founder, is a true policy shaker and boundary spanner passionate about energy justice and community empowerment. 

Marine is an experienced public speaker, consultant, and expert in sustainability from the citizen side. She’s also the proud and exhausted mom of Rosa Salomé.

Read a few things about our values and commitments in this interview with our founder Marine Cornelis!

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