Boards and Committees

Marine Cornelis is an Ambassador of various EU initiatives and a member of several boards and committees. Please get in touch for Board and Membership Positions. 


  • European Climate Pact Ambassador

    The European Climate Pact invites everyone, from schools to industries, unions to local communities, to collectively brainstorm to tackle environmental degradation and climate change. Together, we will develop and implement big and small climate solutions and practical advice, at different levels. European Climate Pact Ambassadors inspire and demonstrate that the green transition is all of us.

  • Digital Ambassador - EUSEW European Sustainable Energy Week

    The European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) is the biggest event dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use in Europe. This event is organised by the European Commission Directorate-General for Energy and the European Climate Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA). Digital Ambassadors are boosting EUSEW’s messages within the energy community and among stakeholders, as well as advocate for this year’s theme on digitalisations and the EU’s energy and climate objectives.

  • eceee Summer Study – European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

    Panel Leader of Panel 3 – Governance, finance and markets Since 1993, eceee’s Summer Studies have advanced the frontiers in energy efficiency policy, research and implementation. It provides a full working week of formal but yet straightforward sessions and informal meetings, wonderful climate and pleasant surroundings. Here, participants exchanged ideas in a relaxed but intensely intellectual atmosphere, had lively discussions and came up with creative ideas. The heart of the Summer Study is the presentation and discussion of refereed papers in parallel panel sessions. Posters are presented in a session attended by all participants. Keynote speakers address plenary sessions and participants can organise informal sessions in the afternoons.

  • Rete ASSIST

    Rete ASSIST is a national network created in Italy to consolidate, strengthen and carry on the work started within the European project ASSIST. RETE ASSIST aims to be a point of reference for all actors involved in promoting the right energy transition and fighting energy poverty. ASSIST Network proposes a multi-level approach in line with the need for a holistic solution to address complex and multidimensional problems that span social and technical aspects.

  • ECPE - Enabling Consumer to become Prosumer in Energy transition era

    ECPE is led by the University of Camerino (Italy) and gathers 45 people and organisations. The purpose of the project is to coordinate the various norms, collecting and promoting best practices in the interpretation and application of the various norms. The project will analyze the prosumers behaviors from multiple perspectives (for this reason is very important the choose a multidisciplinary approach from all partners).

  • ComAct – Community tailored actions for energy poverty mitigation

    Horizon 2020 Grant agreement No #892054 The countries in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region and the former Soviet Union republics (CIS region) have the most energy-poor people in Europe. This is mainly due to high energy prices and poor energy efficiency of the buildings, heating systems and household appliances. This project aims at undertaking renovation works in multi-family buildings.

  • CEES – Community Energy for Energy Solidarity

    Horizon 2020 Grant Agreement No #101026972 Solidarity is a key principle of the just, clean energy transition embedded within the Europe Green Deal, which specifically recognises an important role for community energy systems. CEES will deliver a toolkit of proven approaches by which community projects lift people out of energy poverty.

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