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Publications & Reports

The right to energy, in Energy Poverty Handbook, The Greens/EFA, September 2022

What is sustainable finance?, Israel Public Policy Institute (IPPI), 26 September 2022 

Let’s boost prosumerism! Models and state of play, EUSEW, 2 September 2022

Enforcing energy rights to promote energy justice, Israel Public Policy Institute (IPPI), 14 July 2022

The Renovation Wave: the issue of home renovations in addressing energy poverty, Israel Public Policy Institute (IPPI), 9 May 2022

Unfolding energy poverty in the European context, Israel Public Policy Institute (IPPI), 6 April 2022

Energy Poverty (Re)Invented? Concept and Regulatory Gaps in the EU Amidst the Decarbonisation Process. Kottari M., Cornelis M. (2022) In: Rubio-Bellido C., Solis-Guzman J. (eds) Energy Poverty Alleviation. Springer, Cham. 

Ombudsman Services Potential for Expansion State of the Nation report (unpublished)

EURICA Sociological Study: Madagascar, Burkina Faso, Cameroon (unpublished)

Toolkit on a just transition with the people (editor) ENGAGER Working Group 4, October 2021

Toolkit on the right to energy. (editor) ENGAGER Working Group 3, October 2021

Europe – Energy – Climate: The quest for the clean energy transition in the EU, Agnieszka E. Rządkowska (ed), Chapter 2.8. Energy poverty policies – European framework and national responses, M. Cornelis, 2021 

How to become an ally to overcome vulnerability, a Just Energy Toolkit, September 2021

Access to Justice for Vulnerable and Energy-Poor Consumers: Just Energy?, Creutzfeldt, N., Gill, C., Cornelis, M., et al., Hart Publishing 2021

Confronting Energy Poverty in Europe: A Research and Policy Agenda, Bouzarovski, S.; Thomson, H.; Cornelis, M., 2021

New narratives and actors for citizen-led energy poverty dialogues, COST Engager, September 2020

Towards an inclusive energy transition in the European Union: Confronting energy poverty amidst a global crisis, Bouzarovski S, Thomson H, Cornelis M, Varo A and Guyet R, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2020, ISBN 978-92-76-19635-8, doi: 10.2833/103649, EU Energy Poverty Observatory.

Energy poverty will increase with the COVID-19 crisis. Time for a right to energy!, COST Engager, 6 May 2020

Energy efficiency, the overlooked climate emergency solution, Ekonomicheskaya Politika, Russia, April 2020

Towards a Mediterranean Electricity Market Observatory: Regional Overview, MEDREG, January 2020

Transforming Energy Poverty Policies in The European Union: Second Annual Report of The European Union Energy Poverty Observatory (by Bouzarovski, Thomson et al.): Analysis of the Energy poverty strategies within the 28 Draft National Energy and Climate Plans, Energy Poverty Observatory 2020

The Social and Local Dimensions of Governance of Energy Poverty: Adaptive Responses to State Remoteness, Creutzfeldt, N., Cornelis, M., et al. Journal of Consumer Policy 2020

Moving beyond the state of the art in energy poverty measurement, COST Engager (edited by Sareen and Thomson), 2019: Complaint services metrics

Policy overview on the development of energy policy & vulnerability at EU level December 10, 2018, ESRC Just Energy

How Can Regulators Benefit from Independent Ombudsmen and ADR Provider Expertise?   Nov 26, 2015, ICER Chronicle


ENGAGER's Toolkit for a Just Transition With the People
ENGAGER's Toolkit - Moving forward on the right to energy in the EU
ESRC Just Energy Toolkit: How to become an ally to overcome vulnerability