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Harnessing the Power of Our Voices for Sustainability

In a world echoing with 7,139 languages, each offers a unique lens to view sustainability. Yet, as we navigate this crucial conversation, the dominance of English limits our collective wisdom. What if we embraced every voice, recognizing that diversity in language enriches our journey towards a sustainable future? Imagine leading with love, vulnerability, and the courage to speak in the rich tapestry of human expression. This is our call to harness the power of our diverse voices for sustainability, to listen deeply, and to act together with openness and trust.

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Asking “why” is the ability of the youth – some thoughts on the International Energy Poverty Action Week

Read about the inspiring panel of the last day of the international energy poverty action week that brought together a diverse group of young speakers from around the world. They discussed the links between energy poverty, community organization, and climate action, highlighting the importance of resilience, gender equity, and clean energy access. The panel emphasized the need to dream big and set ambitious goals while addressing root causes and taking action-oriented approaches.

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Technology to make aviation more sustainable, with Jean Paquin, SAF+

Technology to make aviation more sustainable, with Jean Paquin, SAF+

In this episode of Energ’Ethic, Jean Paquin talks about his vision of the evolution of the airline industry and how, out of a sense of duty to the planet and to his children, he managed to convince airlines to support and grow his project. He reminds us that moving away from fossil fuels is a difficult journey and that synthetic fuels are only a temporary solution before fully energy-efficient solutions are developed.

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