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Medellin in Colombia, where Juan Pablo Cardenas work on the country's first energy community

E35 – From Darkness to Empowerment: Building Resilient Energy Systems for Sustainable Communities in Colombia (and South Africa) – Juan Pablo Cárdenas

In this episode of Energ’ethic, Juan Pablo Cárdenas discusses the energy transition in Colombia and South Africa, highlighting the transformative power of energy communities. Learn how these communities empower individuals, promote equity, and drive sustainable futures. Don’t miss this inspiring conversation!

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The 20 countries with the largest access deficits in 2021 by region and income levels. Data Source: World Bank. Extracted from the SDG 7 tracking report
Energy poverty

Insights from the 2023 Edition of Tracking SDG 7: The Energy Progress Report: Addressing Disparities in Energy Access for a Sustainable Future

Delve into the2023 report on universal energy access and SDG7 implementation, uncovering crucial insights on universal energy access. Discover the stark disparities between different regions and income groups, and how factors like COVID-19 have affected progress. Explore the remarkable growth of renewable energy, the overlooked issue of clean cooking solutions, and the urgent need for fair and inclusive energy programs. Join us as we delve deeper into these findings and explore pathways towards a sustainable and equitable energy transition.

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Appel mondial : Participez à notre questionnaire pour faire valoir vos compétences en énergies renouvelables !

Passionné-e par les énergies renouvelables ? Ne manquez pas cette occasion de faire valoir vos compétences et initiatives dans le domaine. Répondez à notre questionnaire mondial et participez à la création d’un Atlas des compétences francophones en énergies renouvelables, favorisant l’échange d’informations et le partage de bonnes pratiques. Ensemble, nous pouvons façonner un avenir énergétique juste et durable !

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Marine Cornelis speaking at CEER Customer conference
Energy consumers

The Right to Energy: Balancing Social and Environmental Emergencies in the Green and Digital Transition: CEER Customer Conference Speech

In the rapidly evolving landscape of energy and consumer rights, Marine Cornelis delivered an insightful speech at the prestigious CEER Customer Conference. With a focus on the green and digital transition, Marine emphasized the urgent need to balance social and environmental emergencies while ensuring consumer protection, energy security, and access to affordable and sustainable energy.

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Acropolis Athens
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Empowering Energy Communities to Tackle Energy Poverty: Insights from CEES Project Meeting in Athens

ust back from Athens, where the Community Energy for Energy Solidarity (CEES) project held their latest meeting, and the discussions have left me feeling energized and inspired. As an advisory board member for this groundbreaking initiative, I’m proud to be part of a mission to tackle energy poverty and empower energy communities across Europe with an unwavering commitment to energy justice. In this blog post, I’ll share some of the highlights from the meeting and our plans for scaling up community energy projects to create a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

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First International Energy Players Round Table

Discover the groundbreaking event of the first International Energy Players Round Table held both in Ouagadougou and online on March 18. Learn how individuals and organizations came together to coordinate visions and projects in Africa’s energy sector to help combat climate change. Find out more about the discussions of women in energy, the importance of solar power, and digitalization in meeting the escalating demand for clean energy.

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Speakers International energy poverty action week day 5 youth ambitions
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Asking “why” is the ability of the youth – some thoughts on the International Energy Poverty Action Week

Read about the inspiring panel of the last day of the international energy poverty action week that brought together a diverse group of young speakers from around the world. They discussed the links between energy poverty, community organization, and climate action, highlighting the importance of resilience, gender equity, and clean energy access. The panel emphasized the need to dream big and set ambitious goals while addressing root causes and taking action-oriented approaches.

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