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E44 - Camille Defard Energ' Ethic

E 44 – The European Elections and the Future of Energy Policy, with Camille Defard, Jacques Delors Energy Centre

In the latest Energ’ Ethic episode, Marine Cornelis and Camille Defard from the Jacques Delors Energy Centre discuss the impact of the upcoming European elections on the EU’s energy policy. Delving into the roles of citizen engagement, the legacy of Jacques Delors, and the European Green Deal, this episode explores the critical crossroads at which Europe stands in its pursuit of a sustainable and equitable energy future.

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Energy poverty

Renovating Europe’s Homes: A Journey Toward Sustainable Living

In a recent interview with ARTE, I stressed the pressing issue of summer energy poverty in Europe, a challenge that affects 20% of the population. This, along with insights from the Belgian Energy Renovation Week and the ComAct conference, underscores the urgent need for equitable and sustainable home renovations. Our focus must extend beyond energy efficiency to embrace community wellbeing and resilience, especially in the face of summer energy poverty. Join me in exploring how we can transform our approach to create homes that are not just energy-efficient, but inclusive and dignified spaces for all.

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Round table at the 15th citizen's energy forum
Energy consumers

Reflections from the 15th Citizens Energy Forum

As an advocate for sustainable energy systems, I stress the importance of grassroots involvement in shaping policies and solutions, ensuring they resonate with the people’s needs and truly embody the spirit of energy citizenship.

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nature-inclusive, people-centred renewables manifesto
Just Transition

50 CSOs call for renewables acceleration to be nature- and community-inclusive

Next Energy Consumer takes a bold step in leading Europe towards energy justice by signing the Manifesto for Nature-inclusive, People-centred Renewable Energy. Discover the five key pillars that aim to make renewable energy beneficial for both nature and communities, setting the stage for a socially equitable and environmentally sustainable future.

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Marine Cornelis speaking at CEER Customer conference
Energy consumers

The Right to Energy: Balancing Social and Environmental Emergencies in the Green and Digital Transition: CEER Customer Conference Speech

In the rapidly evolving landscape of energy and consumer rights, Marine Cornelis delivered an insightful speech at the prestigious CEER Customer Conference. With a focus on the green and digital transition, Marine emphasized the urgent need to balance social and environmental emergencies while ensuring consumer protection, energy security, and access to affordable and sustainable energy.

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Marine Cornelis FEL2050 Foro Español de Energía Limpia
Consumer rights

FEL2050 Foro Español de Energía Limpia

Energy is an ecosystem where everyone plays a specific role in maintaining balance, like these giraffes in the savannah. Energy is more than a technical issue. It is a legal, commercial, cultural, and weather forecasting issue. It is deeply political.

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