Championing Individual and Collective Energy Self-Consumption: A Milestone for Sustainability and Social Equity

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Discover Marine's influential role in shaping Europe's energy self-consumption policies with the EESC's latest Opinion. Explore how this advances the green transition and social equity, and learn about collaboration opportunities for impactful policy development.
Individual and collective energy self-consumption as a factor in the fight for the green and energy transition, and for economic and social balance

In the quest for a sustainable future, the role of individual and collective action cannot be overstated. It is with immense pride that I share a recent milestone where I had the privilege of serving as a group advisor to the TEN Section of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). Our collective efforts culminated in the adoption of the Opinion on “Individual and collective energy self-consumption as a factor in the fight for the green and energy transition, and for economic and social balance” on 25 October 2023.

This Opinion, which can be explored in full here, marks a significant stride towards a more equitable and green future. It underscores the necessity of a people-centered debate on energy self-consumption and self-generation, recognizing these practices as pivotal in propelling the green and energy transitions alongside fostering economic and social balance.

Key Insights for a Sustainable Energy Future

This Opinion is a cornerstone for sustainable development, emphasizing the importance of:

  • Community-Led Energy Initiatives: Advocating for “extended collective” self-consumption projects to empower local and regional communities.
  • Accessibility of Clean Energy: Ensuring that self-generated clean electricity is accessible beyond the immediate generation sites, promoting energy independence.
  • Inclusive Energy Solutions: Facilitating energy generation and usage for vulnerable populations to combat energy poverty and drive social equity.
  • Support for Renewable Energy Collaborations: Encouraging the European Commission to back collective, not-for-profit renewable energy initiatives.

Join the Movement Towards Energy Justice

This Opinion is a milestone, that reflects our commitment to a sustainable and equitable energy landscape. As we celebrate this progress, I am also extending an invitation for collaboration and consultation to further impactful energy policy development. If you’re at the forefront of energy policy, sustainability, or social equity and are looking for expertise in transforming complex challenges into implementable strategies, let’s connect.

Enhance Your Policy Impact with Expert Collaboration

Your organization can benefit from my extensive experience in European policy, particularly in areas of vulnerability, energy poverty, consumer empowerment, and the digitalization of energy networks. Together, we can drive the change towards a more sustainable and just energy future.

For partnership inquiries and to discuss how we can collaborate on your next policy initiative, please reach out.

Let’s catalyze the energy transition through informed policy, collective action, and inclusive strategies.

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