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Appel mondial : Participez à notre questionnaire pour faire valoir vos compétences en énergies renouvelables !

Passionné-e par les énergies renouvelables ? Ne manquez pas cette occasion de faire valoir vos compétences et initiatives dans le domaine. Répondez à notre questionnaire mondial et participez à la création d’un Atlas des compétences francophones en énergies renouvelables, favorisant l’échange d’informations et le partage de bonnes pratiques. Ensemble, nous pouvons façonner un avenir énergétique juste et durable !

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Speakers International energy poverty action week day 5 youth ambitions
Energy poverty

Asking “why” is the ability of the youth – some thoughts on the International Energy Poverty Action Week

Read about the inspiring panel of the last day of the international energy poverty action week that brought together a diverse group of young speakers from around the world. They discussed the links between energy poverty, community organization, and climate action, highlighting the importance of resilience, gender equity, and clean energy access. The panel emphasized the need to dream big and set ambitious goals while addressing root causes and taking action-oriented approaches.

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Marine Cornelis FEL2050 Foro Español de Energía Limpia
Consumer rights

FEL2050 Foro Español de Energía Limpia

Energy is an ecosystem where everyone plays a specific role in maintaining balance, like these giraffes in the savannah. Energy is more than a technical issue. It is a legal, commercial, cultural, and weather forecasting issue. It is deeply political.

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