First International Energy Players Round Table

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Discover the groundbreaking event of the first International Energy Players Round Table held both in Ouagadougou and online on March 18. Learn how individuals and organizations came together to coordinate visions and projects in Africa's energy sector to help combat climate change. Find out more about the discussions of women in energy, the importance of solar power, and digitalization in meeting the escalating demand for clean energy.

I am thrilled to present our comprehensive report on the first International Energy Players Round Table, a groundbreaking event which took place in both Ouagadougou and online on 18 March. Our primary objective was to unite a diverse range of individuals and organisations, each with their own visions and projects in the energy sector, to facilitate cross-communication and coordination – and I am proud to say we succeeded!

As we all know, Africa is particularly vulnerable to the devastating impacts of climate change. With increasing pressure to meet the growing demand for clean energy, it’s more important than ever to establish clear and effective dialogues across the industry. During our round table, we were honored to welcome a variety of distinguished panelists and international experts, each bringing their own unique perspectives on the topics of women in the energy sector, the vital role of solar energy, and digitalisation in meeting the ever-growing need for clean energy.

Collaborating with the talented Dimitri, Anne-Carole, Luc, and Raouf to organize this event was a true honor – and I’m already looking forward to the next one in 2024!

Download here the report in English and French.

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