About Next Energy Consumer, the Policy Consultancy focused on Delivering Energy Justice

At Next Energy Consumer, we believe in powering progress through inclusive, equitable and forward-thinking energy policies. As a premier multilingual policy consultancy led by Marine Cornelis, we specialize in the human and social dimensions of energy and climate transitions, championing sustainability and energy justice.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to building trust and confidence in the energy sector by advocating for just and fair business practices and policies. Our mission is to guide organizations in crafting sustainable strategies that prioritize people, address their needs, and foster robust engagement, with a keen focus on supporting the most vulnerable communities.

Our Expertise

With over 15 years of experience, Next Energy Consumer stands at the forefront of European policy conversation, particularly in the realms of vulnerability, energy poverty, consumer empowerment, network digitalization, green skills, and alternative dispute resolution. Our founder, Marine Cornelis, an esteemed energy policy expert and European Climate Pact Ambassador, brings a wealth of knowledge and a progressive approach to our consultancy work.

Our Voice

At Next Energy Consumer, we not only provide strategic insights but also amplify the conversation around energy justice and sustainability through our podcast, Energ’Ethic, and compelling public speaking. Our founder, Marine, is renowned for her exceptional oratory skills, delivering speeches that resonate and inspire action. With a talent for making complex topics accessible and engaging, Marine has been a highlight at numerous international conferences and events.

Our Services

We offer a suite of bespoke services tailored to your organization’s needs:

Our Reach

Next Energy Consumer’s influence extends beyond borders, advising clients across various European countries, Africa, and Mexico. We have collaborated with a diverse array of entities, including European institutions, think tanks, ombudsmen, regulators, municipalities, private sector firms, NGOs, consumer groups, and academic research centers.

Our Commitment

We are committed to breaking silos and fostering cross-sector collaboration to create sustainable, inclusive, and resilient businesses, policies, and programs. Our approach is always tailored, ensuring we deliver the right solutions for you and your organization.

Work with Us

Embark on a journey towards a more sustainable and just energy future with the Energy Justice Policy Consultancy Next Energy Consumer. Contact us to discover how we can support your organization’s transition to a greener, more inclusive and equitable tomorrow. Invite us to your next event and experience the transformative power of words that advocate for a just and sustainable energy future.