Powering the Future: Digital Innovation for Enhanced Electrification in Madagascar and Burkina Faso – IFDD/EURICA Webinar

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EURICA teamed up with IFDD for an online seminar, unfolding how digital innovation is revolutionizing the electrification landscape in Madagascar and Burkina Faso. Gain insights from experts who shared their experiences and case studies during the "Innovation Digitale pour un Avenir Électrique" seminar.

The first SELF seminar, organized by EURICA and the Association of Young Energy Actors in collaboration with IFDD, has successfully taken place, with more than 360 online viewers. The webinar focused on the transformative power of digitalization in the energy sector, highlighting two case studies: a small-scale nano-grid project in Ambanja, Madagascar, and network stabilization in the urban area of Ouaga 2000, Burkina Faso.

The seminar explored the digitalization tools used in both rural and urban contexts, discussing how digitalization facilitates initial access to electricity in rural areas and its impact on network reliability and electricity quality in urban areas. The roles of training and young entrepreneurs in driving innovation and disseminating energy initiatives were also discussed, along with the accelerated transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources through digitalization.

The expert speakers, including Marine Cornelis from Next Energy Consumer, Nicolas Saincy and Nolwenn Le Saux from Nanoé Madagascar, Luc Richaud and Anne-Carole Kindadoussi from ODIT-E, and Dimitri Tientega, President of the Association of Young Energy Actors, shared valuable insights and perspectives during the seminar.

We are excited to inform you that the recording of the SELF seminar is now available on the IFDD website. If you are interested in delving deeper into the discussions and accessing further information about the seminar, we invite you to visit the IFDD website for more details.

Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to the success of this webinar, and we look forward to future engaging and informative events in our ongoing efforts to promote sustainable energy development.

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