Empowering Communities through Grid Digitization: Lessons from the EURICA Project in Burkina Faso and Madagascar

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Explore key insights from the EURICA project on how grid digitization and demand-side response can tackle energy poverty in Burkina Faso and Madagascar. Learn how a people-centered approach can unlock Africa's untapped renewable energy potential
Solar panels and grids in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

🙏 I couldn’t think of a better way to wrap up the amazing EURICA project (LEAP-RE WP15) on grid digitization and demand-side response as a way to overcome barriers to energy access and energy poverty in Burkina Faso and Madagascar than by seeing some of the key insights learnt along the way in a news piece by Saul Gunn from The Borgen Project:

Cornelis stresses to The Borgen Project the need for a more in-depth and personalized approach to energy projects as opposed to one-shot solutions. Cornelis states that it is essential to spend time understanding the mindset of local communities and working with them as to what the best solution could be to support their needs, as often what the West deems as superior solutions, may not be suitable for a small African village.

To achieve this there is a need for intermediaries, not just engineers, to engage with local leaders and provide full education and training to local populations to ensure they can operate new equipment in the best ways possible and develop new skills in the long run. Cornelis emphasizes, “It is really about putting people at the center, not only as consumers, like real receivers of a solution… empowering people as citizens with rights.”

Indeed, Africa is a continent endowed with immense potential in renewable energy resources that is largely untapped as of yet. In fact, Africa is home to 60% of the best solar resources globally, yet only 1% of installed solar PV capacity, IEA’s Africa Energy Outlook 2022 reports. By changing these stats, Africa could see prosperity and poverty reduction on a continental scale.”

💪🫶 A huge THANKS to my fantastic colleagues and friends Luc Richaud, Michel Clemence, Chloé Lucas, Sebastijan Ursic INEA, Pr. Edmond VII Mballa Elanga (MC), Nicolas Saincy, Nolwenn Le Saux, Lucas Richard Nanoé – Madagascar.

🔥 And of course, the most promising young energy professionals Anne-Carole KINDADOUSSI and Wendpayangdé Dimitri TIENTEGA Association des Jeunes Acteurs de l’Energie – JAE (Young Energy Actors)

🍀 …who partnered with me to build a more resilient and inclusive future for our planet and its inhabitants and enabled me to dig deeper into #energyjustice.

💫 So… I’m now open to new adventures! Give me a call! 🌎

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