Shedding a different light on energy news, with Anna Gumbau, Energy Journalist

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The current energy crisis is a moment of truth. Anna Gumbau, energy journalist, is committed to diversify the narratives to make sure a broader audience grasps the challenges at stakes.

The current energy crisis is “really the moment of truth.” It sheds light on many issues: the functioning of the market, dependence on fossil fuels, geopolitical impact, energy justice, energy poverty and affordability, and future energy choices and political and corporate strategies. Journalists and newspapers play a fundamental role in clarifying these issues and putting them into perspective for a broader audience. “We should strengthen our ambition in all fronts, and the energy crisis is exposing this”.

Anna Gumbau is a freelance journalist specialising in energy issues. She talks about the importance of using the right wording to make complex topics accessible to those around her and countering the dangers of populism and oversimplification. 

She also discusses the importance of diversifying voices and perspectives so that the subject matter is more relevant to people’s experiences. We also talk about women’s representation, the role of men as allies against all-men panels, and her desire to share with her peers and create a caring community. She tells us how being mansplained and belittled in professional settings gave her the grit to start a coaching business and empower women professionals in climate and energy. This coaching activity, called the Green Light, wants to provide coaching and mentoring services and practical tools for women to thrive in these sectors.

Anna Gumbau is a freelance energy and climate journalist based in Brussels. She is usually busy covering the European Green Deal and its impact on central and eastern Europe. Her work’s been published on Euractiv, Energy Monitor, FORESIGHT Climate & Energy, Euranet Plus, and El País. Before going freelance, she was Carbon Pulse’s Brussels correspondent, covering the EU ETS and the Fit for 55 packages, and an energy reporter with Interfax Global Energy Services in London before that. She is a native of Barcelona, where she graduated in Journalism and International Relations.

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