The Climatize Effect: Making green finance accessible, trustworthy and fun

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In Episode 54 of the Energ’ Ethic podcast, we sit down with Will Wiseman, CEO and co-founder of Climatize, to explore how his platform revolutionizes climate finance. Will’s journey from installing solar panels to creating a platform that allows anyone to invest in renewable energy is inspiring and instructive. “For many people, climate change feels like an urgent problem, but they feel powerless to make a difference,” he says. Climatize changes that make it easy for anyone to invest as little as $10 in solar projects, democratizing the energy transition and fostering trust through transparency. Tune in to discover how accessible finance can drive meaningful climate action and learn how you can be part of this change.
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Welcome to a fresh episode of Energ’ Ethic, where we explore how making finance accessible can transform our fight against climate change. In this episode, I’m joined by Will Wiseman, CEO and co-founder of Climatize, a groundbreaking platform that lets anyone become a renewable energy investor with just $10.

Will’s journey into the renewable energy sector is as inspiring as it is hands-on. Growing up around the ocean with a marine biologist father, Will saw firsthand the urgency of environmental issues. This early exposure sparked a lifelong commitment to protecting the planet. “I saw the rapid collapse of those ecosystems, and that gave me this deeply unsettling kind of driving force,” he shares.

Starting his career by installing solar panels on rooftops, Will gained invaluable practical experience. “I actually learned the industry from the roof up, installing projects. And I think that’s a very important perspective,” he recalls. This hands-on start gave him a deep understanding of the renewable energy sector and fueled his vision for Climatize.

Climatize aims to democratize investment in renewable energy, allowing anyone to participate in the energy transition. “For many people, climate change feels like an urgent problem, but they feel powerless to make a difference,” Will explains. By enabling small investments, Climatize empowers individuals to take meaningful action against climate change.

Trust is a crucial element of Climatize’s success. Will highlights how transparency and accountability are at the core of their model. “When you get your returns, we’ve built a bridge of trust that shows you there’s accountability to how your money is being used,” he says. This commitment to trust ensures that investors feel connected and confident in their contributions.

In our conversation, we also explore how Climatize’s approach benefits communities by supporting clean energy projects that deliver social and environmental returns. Will is driven by the idea of turning everyday people into active stakeholders in the renewable energy revolution. “What if we could actually enable the everyday person to be an active stakeholder in the energy transition?” he asks, underscoring the potential for collective financial power to make a real impact.

Looking forward, Climatize has big goals. They aim to fund $1 billion in renewable energy projects annually within the next five years. “We’re pretty proud to have crossed this $4 million milestone and are looking to cross $10 million by the end of 2024,” Will shares with excitement. These milestones are stepping stones toward a broader vision of making climate finance accessible and impactful.

Join us in this episode to hear Will’s story and learn how Climatize is making it easy for everyone to invest in renewable energy. Tune in to discover how you can be part of this transformative movement. Together, we can harness our collective financial power to create a greener, more sustainable future.

Check out Climatize and listen to Episode 54 of the Energ’ Ethic podcast today.

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