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E41 Energ'Ethic Joshua Atkins Pride in Energy

E42 – Diversity, the Fourth D of Energy -Joshua Atkins, Pride in Energy

In the latest episode of the Energ’Ethic podcast, host Marine engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Joshua Atkins, a leading voice in the energy sector and an advocate for diversity and inclusion at Pride in Energy. They explore the transformative ‘4Ds’ reshaping the energy landscape – decentralization, decarbonization, digitalization, and diversification. Joshua Atkins sheds light on the pressing skills gap in the industry and the vital role of inclusivity in addressing this challenge. The discussion also delves into the unique struggles faced by LGBTQI+ individuals, emphasizing the need for supportive workplaces and policies. This episode is a compelling blend of industry insight and social awareness, highlighting the intersection of energy, policy, and LGBTQI+ rights.

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