What is missing to build a truly just, intersectional and inclusive transition? How can academic research be linked with almost 15 years of experience in the public and private sectors? Listen to the newest episode of Energ'Ethic, the podcast on the people who make the just energy transition.

NextEnergyConsumer will be in Mexico City next week for a special Mexican Energy and Society Week.

Semana Energia y sociedad

We will focus on energy, climate change and society, energy poverty, consumer rights and empowerment, clean energy for all, Sustainable Development Goals, Climate resilience, gender issues and many other topics.

Send an email to contacto@oem.org.mx or visit the Mexican Ombudsman’s Webpage to register and get more information about the programme and the venue.

Don’t forget to read the special edition of the Ombudsman’s review: Protección al consumidor en el sector energético Antecedentes y mejores prácticas de Europa, Mexican Energy Ombudsman

Find the vlogs of the week:



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