Why you should use electricity at the right time, with Adrien de Vriendt, Adapt.sh

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Adrien de Vriendt is the Cofounder of the climate tech Adapt, a mainstream tool designed to identify when electricity comes from renewable sources, and therefore allow people to decarbonise their habits.
Adrien de Vriendt

Adrien de Vriendt launched Adapt when he realised that people around him were unaware that electricity could not be green all day and that the use time was as important as other eco-friendly habits.

Adapt is now a mainstream website and App designed to identify when the electricity comes from renewable sources. It, therefore, allows everyday people and those who are usually not interested in energy to plan their energy consumption. It helps them decarbonise their daily lives and respond to the current energy crisis and climate emergency. Before founding Adapt, Adrien had spent ten years working with large companies to help them reduce their energy consumption and CO2 emissions – but as he noticed, much more had to be done for small consumers, such as households.

In this insightful conversation, Adrien offers many energy-saving tips to apply urgently. He also explains why the peak/off-peak (or day/night) tariff, promoted by energy suppliers since the 1960s, has now become economic and ecological nonsense.

Adrien hopes that this user-friendly, free, and open platform will trigger the awareness of millions of Europeans and successfully aggregate enough actions to “accelerate the shutdown of the most polluting fossil fuel power plants” and make the energy sector genuinely green.

Please also take the time to watch Adapt’s “Winter is Coming” competition on their social media!

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