E25 – Driving the transition with EV charging stations – Luka De Bruyckere and Jaap Burger

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The future of mobility is electric: How can all EV policies, regulations and standards work together for the same social and environmental goals?  
Energetic Jaap and Luka electric mobility

The future of mobility is electric. But for technology to really take root in our daily lives, electric vehicle and charging station standards, regulations and norms must be created and implemented. This is exactly what Jaap Burger of the Regulatory Assistance Project and Luka De Bruyckere of ECOS, an international NGO with a network of members and experts advocating for environmentally friendly technical standards, are doing. Together they have published a very informative report for municipalities (Standards for EV smart charging: A guide for local authorities), as it is mainly up to them to develop the infrastructure for people to charge their vehicles.


How can all policies, standards and regulations for charging stations for electric vehicles work together for the same social and environmental goals?  


In this new episode, Jaap and Luka shed light on the future of mobility, standards, the importance of smart charging, and electric vehicles that could quickly become essential elements to ensure the electrical continuity of supply and the stability of the networks.  


Jaap Burger is a senior adviser to RAP’s European team, works on intelligent charging of electric cars and regulations that maximise the possibilities for a decarbonized power market and infrastructure. He focuses on EV smart charging and charging infrastructure implementation with grid operators, e-mobility players, and governmental bodies.

Luka De Bruyckere has worked on climate and energy policy for the European Commission, non-governmental organisations, consulting firms, and universities. She serves as the Program Manager for ECOS, an international environmental NGO with a network of members and specialists that advocate for ecologically friendly technical standards and legislation. Luka is now working on the electrical grid and overseeing Ecodesign & Energy Labeling files, which include photovoltaics.

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