E27 – “There’s no shortage of people passionate about improving other people’s lives” – Rose Chard, Energy Systems Catapult

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Rose Chard of Energy Systems Catapult shares expert insights on designing products and services that benefit all consumers, particularly low-income and vulnerable ones, in the net-zero transition.
Rose Chard Energ'Ethic podcast

If we design for low-income vulnerable energy consumers, there can be benefits to a whole range of consumers

Rose Chard, Fair Future Lead at Energy Systems Catapult, shares her expert insights on how to make the net-zero transition work for low-income and vulnerable consumers and how businesses can design products and services that benefit all consumers.

We discuss the challenges of fuel poverty and how the energy and health sectors can collaborate to keep people warm and well in their homes, in particular through the Warm Home Prescription Programme developed with the NHS.

Rose also shares her views on the changing smart and flexible energy system and how it can be translated into consumers’ homes.

Throughout the episode, Rose provides valuable advice for businesses looking to create sustainable and inclusive products and services. She emphasizes the importance of thinking differently about how we use energy in our homes, beyond just kilowatt hours, to focus on warmth, hygiene, and comfort.

Dr Rose Chard holds a PhD in social sciences and over 10 years of experience as a Consumer Insight Manager. She is now Fair Future Lead at Energy Systems Catapult. As a specialist in consumer-centred energy products and services, Rose has been helping translate consumer insights into policy, product, and service design to address consumer vulnerability and energy poverty issues. 

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