E28 – Businesses’ Duty in Ramping Up Energy Literacy – Michael Pinto, Cleanwatts

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Join us in this inspiring episode of Energ'Ethic, as we talk to Michael Pinto, CEO and co-founder of CleanWatts. Join us as we explore the crucial role of businesses in ramping up energy literacy and paving the way for a sustainable future. Tune in to Energ'Ethic now!
E28 - Michael Pinto Energ'Ethic

In this episode of Energ’Ethic, we talk to Michael Pinto, CEO and co-founder of Cleanwatts, a cleantech company that provides intelligent digital tools to monitor, manage, and optimize energy generation, storage, trading, and consumption. Michael shares his journey from the corporate world to launching Cleanwatts with a deep commitment to sustainability.

Cleanwatts has pioneered many energy communities in Portugal and beyond, with a unique model that involves installing solar panels on commercial and office buildings and inviting local stakeholders to join. Through its platform, Cleanwatts can connect virtually all the smart meters of community members and provide access to excess capacity, resulting in a backlog of approximately 40 megawatts of aggregated capacity at the end of 2022. By consuming locally produced electricity in real time, transport and transmission costs are reduced, resulting in lower energy bills.

Michael clarifies that building energy communities is a complex landscape that involves aggregating loads, flexibility services, and the allocation of funds. Cleanwatts works with reputable local companies that already have knowledge of the landscape.

Cleanwatts is addressing the urgent trilemma of decarbonizing the grid, bolstering energy security, and reducing the high cost of energy. By making it easier for local communities to transition to renewable energy, Cleanwatts is contributing to a sustainable future.

Michael discusses Cleanwatts’ innovative business model, his engagement with local realities and entrepreneurs, and the importance of technical and social innovation in the energy transition. He highlights the role businesses play in increasing energy literacy among citizens.

Join us in this conversation as we explore the crucial role of businesses in ramping up energy literacy and accelerating the energy transition towards a sustainable future. Don’t miss this inspiring episode of Energ’Ethic!

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