E29 – Shaking Up Energy Efficiency – Julie Kjestrup, Velux, EuroACE, Renovate Europe

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Dig into energy efficiency policymaking with Julie Kjestrup, VELUX, EuroACE and Renovate Europe.
E29-Julie-Kjestrup podcast energ'ethic

Join us for an inspiring episode with Julie Kjestrup, the powerhouse President of EuroACE and Vice-Chair of the Renovate Europe Campaign, who is shaking up the world of policy and thought leadership for VELUX. With an impressive track record in advocacy and stakeholder engagement, Julie has been at the forefront of the energy efficiency movement in Europe.

In this episode, Julie shares her fascinating journey, from working in the pharmaceutical industry to becoming a leading voice in the energy efficiency sector. She explains how she became involved in lobbying and advocacy for energy efficiency, and the challenges she faced in getting policymakers to focus on the existing building stock.

Julie also discusses the challenges and opportunities presented by the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) and the EU industrial strategy (the Green Deal Industrial Plan). She highlights the need for training and recognition of workers’ qualifications, and the importance of communication and adapting messages to different audiences.

“Whatever we do to our housing or building stocks, it has a huge impact on how we feel and how we perform as humans,” Julie says. Energy efficiency in buildings is a proven solution, good for the planet, people’s well-being and quality of life, the economy, finance, and industry. However, it still suffers from a somewhat austere image, in contrast to the ostentation sought by some policy makers. “Boring should be the new sexy”, she says, arguing for more efforts to raise energy efficiency standards and broader societal acceptance. 

Join us as we explore Julie’s impressive career and gain insights into the world of energy efficiency in the construction sector and policymaking. Don’t miss this timely and important conversation!

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