E31 – Breaking the Fast Lane – Giulio Mattioli TU Dortmund University & University of Leeds

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From questioning the role of cars in modern society to exploring the impact of air travel on the environment, join us as we tackle the complex issue of sustainable transportation with Giulio Mattioli.
E31 Giulio Mattioli Energ'Ethic

Giulio Mattioli is an expert in sustainable transport who is making huge strides towards a greener future at TU Dortmund University in Germany and as a visiting research fellow at the University of Leeds in the UK.  In this conversation, we explore the idea of questioning common sense and the role of cars and cheap planes in today’s society. Despite declining greenhouse gas emissions in other sectors, mobility remains a challenge. We delve into the safety hazards SUVs pose in urban environments and the impact of air travel on sustainability. We discuss the fact that frequent flyers happen to be opinion-makers and their responsibility in promoting (un)sustainable practices.

One critical point that Giulio makes is that we’ve built our society around fast modes of transportation like cars and planes. Changing this reliance on personal transport isn’t just an individual’s responsibility – it requires a collective effort. We also explore the concept of transport poverty and how car dependency can disproportionately affect low-income communities.

Giulio Mattioli is a pioneer in sustainable transport, and I’m thrilled to have him on this episode of Energ’ethic. Be sure to tune in and learn how his research can inspire you to work towards a greener future!

Reach out to Giulio via Twitter ⁠@Giulio_Mattioli⁠ or ⁠⁠LinkedIn⁠⁠

Recent article ⁠Who flies but never drives? Highlighting diversity among high emitters for passenger transport in England⁠, Mattioli, G., Büchs, M., & Scheiner, J. (2023). ⁠⁠⁠Energy Research & Social Science, 99, 103057.

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