E32: Decarbonisation and Solidarity: the Future of Energy Governance – Jean-Michel Glachant, FSR

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In this captivating episode, we explore the ever-changing world of energy economics and governance with Jean-Michel Glachant
E32 - Jean-Michel Glachant

Today, we are delighted to have the esteemed Dr. Jean-Michel Glachant join us, as he expounds on the pivotal role that digitalisation plays in enabling energy markets to deliver, as well as the significance of placing humans at the heart of energy systems, with all individuals being equal.

Jean-Michel stresses the importance of energy cooperatives, professional aggregators, and the need for consumer involvement, as the era of big players in the energy market draws to a close. He highlights that the recent energy price crisis has demonstrated that our decarbonisation strategies and energy market system work, and we can establish combined responses that place solidarity at the forefront, despite differences in perspectives and policy choices.

Jean-Michel also discusses the fragmented “social media democracies” and the need for change, citing waste management as an example. He notes that it took time for people to start segregating their waste, but it is now deemed normal and a symbol of good citizenship.

Dr. Glachant further acknowledges the enthralling policy and regulation development in India but recognises that too many Indians are too destitute to alter anything. He yearns for India to invent its version of the energy transition and aspires to a world where no one is left behind.

Jean-Michel shares how he draws inspiration from the people he works with, “they are exceptional humans”. He dreams of a world where poverty vanishes, and no one recalls him because everything he thinks becomes common knowledge. He emphasises the importance of co-creating knowledge, which involves interacting with lawyers, engineers, civil servants, and practitioners to codify knowledge in “institutional economics”.

Tune in to this new episode of Energ’Ethic to gain insights into the cutting-edge developments in energy economics and governance, and be inspired by Dr. Glachant’s vast knowledge and experience

Dr. Jean-Michel Glachant is a renowned energy economist who has been transforming the regulations governing the energy industry. As a Professor at the Florence School of Regulation, Dr. Glachant has been leading the charge in research, training courses, and policy dialogues for over a decade. But that’s not all – he’s also the President of the International Association for Energy Economics and the Vice-President of the French Association for Energy Economics.

Dr. Glachant’s influence extends beyond academia. As an advisor at the European Commission and the French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), he has had a significant impact on the profession of Energy Economics. In fact, his contributions were recognized with the IAEE Career Award in 2018.

With over 170 articles, working papers, books, and reports under his belt, Jean-Michel is a prolific author and a Twitter star. ⁠Follow his profile⁠ to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in energy policies and regulation.

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