E36 – Powering Change from Within: How Municipalities Lead the Energy Community Transformation – Sara Giovannini, Energy Cities

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What is missing to build a truly just, intersectional and inclusive transition? How can academic research be linked with almost 15 years of experience in the public and private sectors? Listen to the newest episode of Energ'Ethic, the podcast on the people who make the just energy transition.

In this captivating episode of Energ’ethic, we delve into the world of community energy alongside the remarkable Sara Giovannini from Energy Cities. With an unwavering passion for sustainability, Sara is committed to driving the energy transition forward. As a prominent member of Energy Cities, a vibrant network of local authorities, she actively works towards creating livable and thriving cities for their citizens. Through capacity building and impactful advocacy, Energy Cities empowers local leaders and technicians, ensuring their voices resonate at the European level.

During our engaging conversation, Sara sheds light on the distinctive challenges encountered when establishing community energy projects at the municipal level across Europe. We delve into the scarcity of resources, both financial and human, which hinder the support that local authorities can offer. Additionally, we explore the critical need for clearer legal frameworks, particularly in procurement rules, to enable communities to actively participate in the energy transition. Sara emphasizes municipalities’ pivotal role in climate action, drawing from their firsthand experiences and navigating unique challenges. We delve into the fear of exposure that often inhibits municipalities from taking bold action, emphasizing the significance of fostering a supportive environment for innovation.

Discover the transformative power of energy communities as Sara reveals their extraordinary social benefits, transcending environmental sustainability. From combating energy poverty to nurturing energy literacy, these vibrant communities offer holistic solutions beyond green energy. Our discussion also delves into the underrepresentation of women in community energy and the imperative of inclusivity in project planning and execution, fostering equal opportunities for all.

Don’t miss out as Sara unveils strategies for engaging a wider range of stakeholders in the energy transition, breaking free from the cycle of the “usual suspects.” We delve into the pivotal role of citizen engagement, the importance of mapping local actors, and implementing inclusive practices to ensure the diverse needs of communities are adequately considered.

Join us for this brilliant new episode of Energ’ethic, a must-listen for those passionate about community energy and its profound potential to revolutionize our cities. Sara’s expertise and unwavering dedication to empowering local authorities will inspire you, urging you to actively support and champion community-led sustainable initiatives.

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