E37 – Inclusive Cities, Empowered Communities: Embracing Intersectionality in Urban Environments – Safaa Charafi

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Join us as Safaa Charafi, founder of Urban Inclusion, takes us on a journey of reimagining urban environments through an inclusive lens.
E37 - Safaa Charafi

Join us for an enlightening episode of Energ’ethic as we dive into inclusive urban development with the incredible Safaa Charafi from Urban Inclusion. Safaa, an architect and urbanist, shares her journey of realizing the unintended consequences of her work and her determination to create cities that cater to everyone, regardless of gender, race, or social status.

In our conversation, Safaa highlights the challenges of achieving inclusivity in urban contexts. We explore deeply ingrained social norms and gender stereotypes that shape urban planning and design worldwide. Safaa emphasizes the importance of representation and participation of marginalized groups in decision-making processes to ensure that cities are designed with diverse needs in mind.

Discover inspiring examples of inclusive urban solutions as Safaa showcases the power of stakeholder collaboration and participatory design. From snow ploughing prioritization in Stockholm to address gender disparities to the comprehensive strategies needed to tackle social class and gentrification, Safaa advocates for a people-centric approach to urban development.

Join us as Safaa calls for meaningful community engagement and the amplification of diverse voices to shape urban policies and processes. Her message goes beyond gender inclusivity, encompassing mental health, children’s well-being, and the needs of lower-income communities. Be inspired by Safaa’s vision of creating cities that prioritize equity, inclusivity, and the well-being of all residents. 

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