E40 – Nurturing Wellness, Power & Wellbeing among change makers – Aryanisha Lawes

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How Aryanisha Lawes is Revolutionizing Wellness, Power, and Wellbeing for Social Justice Advocates
E40 - Aryanisha Lawes

The term “changemaker” is often thrown around loosely, but what does it mean to be a changemaker in today’s complex world? The burden of this title is explored and alleviated in the latest episode of the Energ’ethic Podcast. In a compelling conversation with Aryanisha Lawes, a former frontline worker turned spiritual wellness coach, we unearth the psychological and physical challenges changemakers face, and the tangible solutions Aryanisha offers to “help the helpers”.

The Intersection of Spirituality and Activism

Aryanisha’s ordination as a Buddhist has fueled her mission to bring about meaningful change, teaching her to balance inner peace with external activism. Her poignant insights reveal the symbiosis between the dream of liberation from “greed, hatred, and delusion,” and the practicalities of turning that dream into a reality.

The Cost of Making Change

Engaging in social justice isn’t just mentally taxing; it takes a physical toll as well. Aryanisha discusses the “animal body” responses that trigger stress and burnout among activists, particularly women who frequently deal with issues of visibility and vulnerability. Her message is clear: power and leadership are empty without well-being.

Tools for Personal and Social Transformation

Aryanisha introduces innovative coaching techniques like ‘character personification.’ She encourages us to confront ingrained behaviors by externalizing them as characters. These techniques offer a mirror to examine our internal and external critics, helping create a roadmap for behavioral change.

The Transformative Power of Community

One of the recurring highlights from Aryanisha’s coaching sessions is the overwhelming sense of relief participants feel when they realize they’re not alone in their struggles. The Energ’ethic episode emphasizes the rejuvenating power of community building, a theme that resonates deeply in the current social landscape.

Simple Solutions with Lasting Impact

Amid a plethora of coaching methodologies and tools, Aryanisha champions the basics, like proper breathing, to manage stress effectively in high-pressure situations.

The Call for Honest Conversations

Aryanisha ends the podcast episode on a crucial note: the need for transparent communication among changemakers. Whether you’re involved in grassroots movements or policy-making, candid discussions about emotional and physical health can unlock unprecedented levels of energy and commitment to social justice causes.

Concluding Thoughts

This latest episode of Energ’ethic is a much-needed dialogue that ventures beyond buzzwords, providing actionable insights into the challenges and remedies for those committed to social justice. With Aryanisha’s unique blend of spirituality, wellness, and pragmatic activism, we get a holistic view of what it takes to be a successful changemaker in today’s world.

Whether you’re a frontline worker, policy-maker, or simply someone interested in social justice and climate activism, this episode offers an enriching perspective on effective change-making.

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