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In this poignant episode of Energ'ethic, we delve deep into the journey of Aryanisha Lawes (https://www.aryanisha.com/)—a social justice advocate who transitioned from frontline work addressing energy poverty in marginalized communities to becoming a s...

In this poignant episode of Energ’ethic, we delve deep into the journey of Aryanisha Lawes—a social justice advocate who transitioned from frontline work addressing energy poverty in marginalized communities to becoming a spiritual wellness coach. She believes in “helping the helpers” and equipping them with tools in leadership, power, and wellbeing to instigate more effective social and environmental reforms.


– Aryanisha unpacks the spiritual underpinnings of her work, recounting her ordination as a Buddhist and how it informed her mission.

– The episode uncovers Aryanisha’s motivation for launching her own business after years of frontline work, pinpointing the systemic issues and personal stressors that frontline workers face.

– Aryanisha shares a range of approaches in coaching and training, including character personification techniques that allow individuals to confront their challenges effectively.

– The importance of community and human connection to combat feelings of isolation and loneliness in this work is underscored.

Key Takeaways

1. The Dialogue between Vision and Reality: Aryanisha discusses how spirituality and practical action feed into each other, especially when you hold the potential for liberation, compassion, and courage for others.


2. The Physical Toll of Social Justice Work: She speaks candidly about the bodily impact of being a ‘changemaker’, from stress to burnout, emphasizing the need for well-being to accompany power and leadership.


3. Tools for Transformation: Aryanisha shares her unique coaching techniques like personification to help address behavioral patterns, lending valuable insights into the mechanics of the mind.


4. The Power of Community: Aryanisha reveals the transformative impact of realizing that “you are not alone” and how community-building can infuse social work with new energy and power.

5. Simple Yet Transformative Solutions: The episode highlights the importance of basic practices like proper breathing to manage stress.

6. Beyond Self-care: Aryanisha argues that while self-care is critical, social justice work also requires agency and influencing change, which involves difficult conversations and courageous stances.


7. Importance of Honest Communication: Aryanisha concludes by emphasizing the need for honesty and ongoing communication among changemakers, especially about the emotional and physical states they find themselves in while navigating their work.

Whether you’re a frontline worker or a policy-maker, tune in for a transformative conversation that addresses not just the how, but the why of making the world a better place.

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