Energ’Ethic The European Elections and the Future of Energy Policy, with Camille Defard, Jacques Delors Energy Centre

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In this insightful episode of Energ' Ethic, join Camille Defard (https://www.linkedin.com/in/camille-defard-a5501184?originalSubdomain=fr), head of the Jacques Delors Energy Centre (https://institutdelors.eu/), as we explore the European Union's journe...

In this insightful episode of Energ’ Ethic, join Camille Defard, head of the Jacques Delors Energy Centre, as we explore the European Union’s journey towards a sustainable and just energy future.

Amid the complexities of climate change and energy transition, we discuss how the EU has been aligning its energy policy with global efforts to create an energy landscape that balances ecological needs with social equity.

A critical aspect of this transformation is the increasing focus on citizen engagement, where the voices of the people play a pivotal role in shaping energy policies. This grassroots approach is essential in forging a path towards a sustainable and resilient society where governance and democratic mechanisms harmoniously integrate public perspectives into policy-making.

We also delve into the transformative legacy of Jacques Delors, whose vision for a unified European energy policy continues to inspire current strategies. Delors’ concept of the Energy Union, emphasizing the integration of social justice into energy considerations, has become more relevant than ever.

As we discuss the advancements and challenges of the European Green Deal, particularly in the context of the upcoming elections, we underscore the importance of aligning Europe-wide ambitions with local realities. This episode sheds light on the need for responsive and adaptive strategies that cater to evolving global crises while maintaining a citizen-centric approach, echoing the progressive standards set by visionary leaders like Jacques Delors.

Join us as we navigate these critical themes, unpacking the roadblocks and advancements in the EU’s journey towards an energy policy that is sustainable, economically viable, socially just, and inclusive.

Camille report’s on Energy Union 2.0. to deliver the European Green Deal, November 2023: https://institutdelors.eu/en/publications/energy-union-2-0-to-deliver-the-european-green-deal/

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