Energ’Ethic Podcast – 45 – Flex-ability for All: Uniting DSF and Energy Justice, Sophie Yule-Bennett and Louise Sunderland

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In this episode, we're joined by Sophie Yule-Bennett (https://www.linkedin.com/in/sophie-yule-bennett-6116a646/) and Louise Sunderland (https://www.linkedin.com/in/louise-sunderland-5474b848/) from the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) (https://www.r...

In this episode, we’re joined by Sophie Yule-Bennett and Louise Sunderland from the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP). They delve into the complexities of demand-side flexibility (#DSF) and its pivotal role in advancing Europe’s green transition while balancing energy justice considerations.

Sophie and Louise engage in a thought-provoking discussion on how DSF enables consumers to adapt their energy usage in balance with supply availability. This adjustment not only maximizes the utilization of renewable energy sources but also significantly reduces costs for the consumer.

However, DSF doesn’t come without challenges.

So far, its benefits hardly reach the most vulnerable. Addressing the technical and policy hurdles in the energy transition, Sophie and Louise highlight the critical role of interdisciplinary approaches in overcoming these barriers. They discuss the intricate balance of integrating energy justice into DSF, emphasizing the need for fair access to energy resources for all individuals, especially lower-income households that might lack the necessary infrastructure to participate fully in DSF programs.

The conversation also covers the risks associated with variable electricity pricing and how it might affect consumer participation in DSF. Our experts discuss various incentive schemes to encourage consumer engagement in DSF, such as offering reduced rates or financial incentives for energy usage during off-peak hours. Yet, they underscore the importance of careful regulation and clear communication to ensure these schemes build trust and achieve widespread adoption.

The episode wraps up with a focus on the importance of community engagement, effective storytelling in energy advocacy, and the potential of digital platforms to broaden the dialogue around energy and climate justice.

Join us as we explore the dynamic intersection of DSF and energy justice with two leading experts in the field, offering insights into how we can navigate towards a more inclusive and sustainable energy future.

Check their report, “Flex-ability for all: Pursuing socially inclusive demand-side flexibility in Europe”, a great example of the necessity of cross-sector partnerships and collective efforts to accelerate the energy transition and promote DSF adoption.

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