Energ’Ethic Podcast – 49 – Cash Currents: Financing the Flow of Citizen Energy, Stanislas D’Herbemont, RESCOOP.EU

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In today's episode of the Energ' Ethic Podcast, we dive into the heart of energy transition with Stanislas d'Herbemont from RESCOOP.EU (https://www.rescoop.eu) and the BruPower Cooperative (https://coop.brupower.be/en/). Stanislas' journey from busines...

In today’s episode of the Energ’ Ethic Podcast, we dive into the heart of energy transition with Stanislas d’Herbemont from RESCOOP.EU and the BruPower Cooperative. Stanislas’ journey from business administration to leading community energy projects in Brussels shows just how impactful community-driven energy can be.

From Business to Energy: Stanislas shares how his curiosity about renewable energy and community microgrids led him from a career in accounting to becoming a key player in community energy, driving forward initiatives that connect citizens directly with their energy sources.

Financing What Matters: Financing is crucial for energy communities, and Stanislas discusses the challenges and solutions in finding funds that work for these unique projects. The blend of public and private investment is essential, and Stanislas’ insights provide a roadmap for navigating this complex landscape.

The Heart of the Matter: Stanislas nails it when he says, “The vision behind energy communities was to create a different world, one based on co-benefits. These aren’t just add-ons; they’re the essence of our experience as citizens. It’s about social cohesion, a cleaner future for our kids, and having control over our energy. We’re talking about making energy democracy a reality in Europe through community ownership.”

Building Trust and Engagement: Stanislas’ stories from the BruPower Cooperative highlight how trust and community involvement are key to the success of energy projects. They’re inspiring examples of what we can achieve when we work together for a sustainable future.

Advice for Future Energy Communities: If you’re thinking about starting or joining an energy community, Stanislas’ message is clear: it’s going to be tough, but the support of your community and the importance of the cause make it worth the effort.

BruPower’s Mission: BruPower is all about providing affordable, sustainable energy in Brussels, pushing for a better understanding of energy use and production. With plans to expand and directly supply its members, BruPower is making strides towards a sustainable urban energy model.

Get Involved: Feeling inspired? Check out BruPower and see how you can be part of the energy transition, whether in Brussels or your own community.

Thanks for tuning in! Together, we’re powering the energy transition one community at a time.

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