Trust in Transitions

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Join us in the final episode of the Energ' Ethic podcast's Energy Citizenship series, where Marine Cornelis and Karin Thalberg discuss the pivotal role of trust in sustainable energy transitions. Delve into how diverse community engagements and transparent policies are essential for fostering trust and implementing effective energy solutions across Europe.
E52 Karin Thalberg

Welcome to the Energ’ Ethic podcast, where today’s episode turns the spotlight on how trust is shaping the energy transition in communities across Europe. 

In this final episode of our Energy Citizenship series with the support of the EnergyPROSPECTS project, I welcome Karin Thalberg, a research fellow at the Jacques Delors Institute. Karin brings her extensive experience working in diverse settings across Europe and India, which has profoundly shaped her approach to sustainable energy policies. Reflecting on her career path, Karin shares, “Sometimes you just have those moments where a lot of different paths align perfectly.” Her journey led her to Paris, where her work now focuses on integrating local community insights into broader European energy strategies.

Today, we delve into why trust is fundamental to engaging communities in energy transition efforts. Karin points out, “Trust is constantly one of the key barriers for people to actually engage in the energy transition,” highlighting that scepticism often arises from social inequalities and policy inconsistencies. Tackling these issues directly is crucial for creating inclusive and effective energy policies.

Karin discusses how local projects can serve as foundations for building trust. She provides examples from the EnergyProspects project, where collaborations between citizen groups, municipalities, and the private sector have led to successful local energy transitions. “Bringing in the municipality creates more legitimacy for what they’re doing,” Karin explains, underscoring the importance of grassroots movements in incorporating local voices into sustainability efforts.

We delve into the significant role of local networks, including small and medium-sized enterprises, in the socio-economic landscape and the broader energy framework. We encourage listeners to see how fostering trust in daily conversations about energy can lead to stronger, more engaged communities.

As we conclude our series on Energy Citizenship, consider how trust influences your views and actions toward energy consumption and sustainability. How does it build your engagement in your community’s decisions?

For those inspired by our discussion, explore the innovative solutions and detailed findings of the EnergyPROSPECTS project in the two previous episodes, 50 and 51, with Edina Vadovics and Janis Brizga.

And keep listening to the Energ’ Ethic podcast to stay informed and involved in the energy transition shaping our world. Join us in driving the change towards sustainable living.

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