E50 – Growing the roots of energy citizenship

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Uncover the power of energy citizenship in shaping a sustainable future on a new Energ' Ethi podcast episode with Edina Vadovics. Get inspired on how you can contribute to collective action and advocate for green policies.
E50 Edina Vadovics

The urgency to combat climate change is undeniable. Enter “energy citizenship,” a concept reshaping how we interact with energy. This new episode of the Energ’ Ethic podcast, supported by the EnergyPROSPECTS project, shares actionable insights on how you can become part of this transformative movement, and invite you to water these seeds with us and watch them grow into impactful changes.

Energy Citizenship: cultivating a sustainable future

Energy citizenship goes beyond saving energy or choosing renewables. It means becoming an active participant in shaping our energy system. This proactive role involves advocating for green policies and adopting sustainable practices. It’s about collective action— the real driver of change. This first episode of a three-part series shares all the actions that feed the soil in which real change can take root.

Powering Communities: The EnergyPROSPECTS Project

In this new episode, we explore the EU-funded EnergyPROSPECTS Project—a fertile ground for nurturing democratic energy transitions in urban settings. This initiative helps communities grow a sense of shared ownership over energy resources, essential for sustainability to blossom.

Meet Edina Vadovics: Rebel Spirit and Master Gardener of Sustainable Living

Hear from rebel gardener Edina Vadovics as she discusses her role at the GreenDependent Institute, integrating research with real-world environmental actions. She shares her efforts in helping sustainability practices bloom across communities. Turning theory into thriving practice, she lives her values daily, proving that individual actions can lead to broad community impact.

Edina reminds us that sustainability is a shared journey. Integrating green practices into daily life sparks wider environmental impact. This path offers challenges but also opportunities for community innovation and growth.

Growing together

Edina shares how local groups, ‘Energy Neighbourhoods’, cultivate significant energy savings through simple behavioral changes. These grassroots actions demonstrate that small seeds of effort can sprout into substantial impacts, and prove the power of collective action. In Hungary, she says, these initiatives have significantly reduced energy use without altering lifestyles dramatically – helping them becoming more resilient.

Hence, despite obstacles from conservative policies and technological barriers, the  communities Edina support are thriving. They adapt and innovate, pushing forward local and global sustainability.

Join Us and Plant Your Seeds of Change

Looking forward, energy citizenship will integrate environmental responsibility with community solidarity. Each small step contributes to a larger, global goal of sustainable, resilient communities.

Energy citizenship isn’t just a practice—it’s a lifestyle that intertwines environmental responsibility with social connectivity. Each step we take plants seeds for a greener, more equitable world.

Tune into our podcast to hear how these seeds are sown and begin to take root across the globe. I am certain you will feel as inspired as me.

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P.S. Don’t miss our upcoming episodes that will bring to life the stories of those at the forefront of the energy citizenship movement. You’ll keep on learning how you can cultivate change right in your backyard.

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