Bridging Perspectives for Energy Justice: Celebrating the Release of Two EURICA Book Chapters

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The journey to energy justice is enriched by embracing technological solutions relevant to both the Global North and the Global South. Two new book chapters showcases the importance of adopting diverse viewpoints and experiences to foster growth and understanding in the energy sector.
Book cover: Living with energy poverty, perspectives from the global north and south

As the Sociology and Capacity-Building Leader for EURICA, I have been instrumental in conducting human needs analysis in Madagascar and Burkina Faso. Two insightful book chapters now unveil insights into Energy Poverty and Digital Empowerment.

1️⃣ Demand-Side Flexibility: A Key to Alleviating Energy Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa

Chapter in “Living with Energy Poverty: Perspectives from the Global North and South”

Co-authored with Prof. Edmond VII Mballa Elanga and Luc Richaud, this chapter delves into the complexities of energy poverty in Burkina Faso and Madagascar. It highlights how EURICA, throught demand-side flexibility can lead to more effective resource utilization, offering a fresh perspective on tackling energy poverty. This insightful analysis promises to be a valuable resource for professionals and policymakers alike. Read more

2️⃣ Energy Digitisation: Empowering Consumers Through Trust and Innovation

Chapter in “Making Production and Consumption Sustainable: A Global Challenge for Legislative Policies” by Lucia Ruggeri

This chapter explores the transformative power of digital innovation in the energy sector, emphasizing the critical role of trust in consumer empowerment. By examining digital and sustainable solutions, it offers a roadmap for future advancements in energy justice and sustainability. Discover more

Mission Highlights: A Journey of Empowerment and Innovation

Within EURICA, I have driven strategic improvements in electricity distribution and knowledge exchange by collaborating with experts like Sebastijan Ursic, Nicolas Saincy, Nolwenn Le Saux, Chloé Lucas Montfort, and Michel Clemence. Our work includes organizing the First International Energy Players Roundtable and championing initiatives for gender mainstreaming and digitalization in Africa. Our efforts have significantly contributed to energy justice and the empowerment of local communities, steering multi-stakeholder discussions towards sustainable energy solutions.

The Path Forward: Continuing the Dialogue in 2024

I am committed to continuing the energy equity and digital empowerment dialogue. In 2024, let’s build further bridges, share knowledge, power and empower communities globally.

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