E51 Janis Brizga Energ' Ethic

Laying the Groundwork: Environmental Activism in Latvia’s Green Shift – Janis Brizga

Join us on an insightful journey into the heart of Latvia’s environmental activism with Janis Brizga on the latest episode of the Energ’ Ethic podcast. Discover how Latvia’s turbulent history shaped a unique approach to sustainable development and environmental policy. From the collapse of the Soviet Union to today’s challenges and achievements in green energy, Janis shares personal stories and expert insights that reveal the complexities of transforming societal values into actionable, sustainable practices. This episode is a call to action for every individual committed to the environmental movement.

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E50 Edina Vadovics

E50 – Growing the roots of energy citizenship

Uncover the power of energy citizenship in shaping a sustainable future on a new Energ’ Ethi podcast episode with Edina Vadovics. Get inspired on how you can contribute to collective action and advocate for green policies.

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E49 Energ' Ethic Stanislas D'Herbemont

E49: Cash Currents: Financing the Flow of Citizen Energy Communities

“Cash Currents: Financing the Flow of Citizen Energy” breaks down how community energy projects, led by Stanislas d’Herbemont of BruPower Cooperative, tackle the finance challenge head-on. Learn the insider’s take on pushing through financial barriers to power communities sustainably and equitably. It’s about real people making real change.

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Moi Tu drawing Title

Harnessing the Power of Our Voices for Sustainability

In a world echoing with 7,139 languages, each offers a unique lens to view sustainability. Yet, as we navigate this crucial conversation, the dominance of English limits our collective wisdom. What if we embraced every voice, recognizing that diversity in language enriches our journey towards a sustainable future? Imagine leading with love, vulnerability, and the courage to speak in the rich tapestry of human expression. This is our call to harness the power of our diverse voices for sustainability, to listen deeply, and to act together with openness and trust.

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