Energ'ethic podcast E46 Silvia Sartori

E46 – Championing Gender Inclusivity in Sustainability with Silvia Sartori

This new episode of Energ’Ethic podcast is a masterclass in gender mainstreaming in sustainable energy and international development, led by Silvia Sartori. Dive into the transformative journey that intertwines gender inclusivity with effective environmental strategies across Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Discover the profound impact of integrating women’s perspectives in sustainable urbanisation and energy efficiency projects.

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Energ'Ethic E45 Sophie and Louise
Energy Justice & ADR

45 – Marrying Demand-Side Flexibility and Energy Justice

This episode of Energ’Ethic delves into the crucial role of demand-side flexibility (DSF) in accelerating Europe’s green transition. Join us as we uncover how DSF not only promises a more efficient energy grid but also presents the opportunity to lower costs for consumers. Our discussion extends beyond the benefits, tackling the challenges of making DSF accessible and equitable, and the collaborative efforts needed to ensure a socially inclusive energy future. Tune in to understand why DSF is key to a sustainable, just, and economically viable European energy landscape.

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E44 - Camille Defard Energ' Ethic

E 44 – The European Elections and the Future of Energy Policy, with Camille Defard, Jacques Delors Energy Centre

In the latest Energ’ Ethic episode, Marine Cornelis and Camille Defard from the Jacques Delors Energy Centre discuss the impact of the upcoming European elections on the EU’s energy policy. Delving into the roles of citizen engagement, the legacy of Jacques Delors, and the European Green Deal, this episode explores the critical crossroads at which Europe stands in its pursuit of a sustainable and equitable energy future.

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