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Energy consumers

Can Dynamic Tariffs Alone Alleviate Energy Poverty?

Dynamic tariffs seem to be one of the best options for unlocking the potential of flexibility for consumers. But what is the real impact on energy poverty? Recent research in the United States shows some interesting results

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Energy Justice & ADR

Advancing Trust and Justice in the Energy Sector: The Imperative Role of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Energy Ombudsmen in the Ongoing Electricity Market Design Discussions

The ongoing discussions surrounding electricity market design in the European Union present a unique opportunity to enhance the integrity, fairness, and transparency of our energy systems. As we strive to build a sustainable and consumer-centric energy future, it is crucial to strengthen the foundations of trust. To achieve this, comprehensive and future-proof Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) systems, both online and offline, are of paramount importance.

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Medellin in Colombia, where Juan Pablo Cardenas work on the country's first energy community

E35 – From Darkness to Empowerment: Building Resilient Energy Systems for Sustainable Communities in Colombia (and South Africa) – Juan Pablo Cárdenas

In this episode of Energ’ethic, Juan Pablo Cárdenas discusses the energy transition in Colombia and South Africa, highlighting the transformative power of energy communities. Learn how these communities empower individuals, promote equity, and drive sustainable futures. Don’t miss this inspiring conversation!

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